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There are a lot of travel blogs out there, but very few are oriented to Catholics.  So we are changing that. Catholic Travel Blog is a part of The Catholic Travel Guide and gives you the latest Catholic travel news and updates that will help you get the most from your travels. Hear from people just like you about their travel experiences to shrines and other places that attract Catholic travelers.  

Our new Calendar of Catholic Events Worldwide is a great way to check on any special activities that might be taking place in an area that you may be visiting or perhaps you call home. We welcome your input.

Publicize your event for free!  If you have an event that you want to let others know about, just let us know and we will add it to our events calendar.

Guest Catholic Bloggers wanted….Share your travel story with others!  Whether you traveled out of the country or just to the next town, your story will be of interest to others. Feel free to add your comments and guest bloggers are always welcome. By doing so you can actually become a missionary and be a part of the New Evangelization.  

You don’t have to be a professional writer or blogger, just share your experiences with our readers. Contact us for more  information:

Blog articles must be appropriate to the subject and will be checked for original content.

Please follow our guidelines for posts and comments.

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  2. Williamjack

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  3. Ron Houssaye

    Please put me on your email list. I am unable to change my email default, and your system for getting on the list goes right to the email default, which is not the one I use. Since I can’t change it (a Microsoft problem once again) I need you to set me up. Hope you can.


  4. Theodosia Angeles

    We are taking a cruise tgat will pass Naples, Italy,from here we want to see St Padre Pio Shrine at San Giovani Rotonda Italy, any one could give us how to ge TV there from the port?

  5. grace le

    Can someone please tell me how to go from Tel Aviv airport to visit the areas in Galilee. What would be the best transportation mean and hotels for 3 people? Thank you so much.


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